We are CEMIN – Centro Medico Internacional, a specialized and general medical  assistance under management of  Dr Heraldo de Carvalho, RMC Nr 24.881. Established in 1985, we have been rendering medical attendance to the local population of Santos as well as to foreign patients. Located at the largest port complex of Latin America, the Port of Santos/BrazilCEMIN - CENTRO MÉDICO INTERNACIONAL was created with the specific object of offering all medical and hospital infrastructure so as ship owners and shipping agencies can guarantee health to crewmembers arriving to this port.

CEMIN provides immediate medical assistance , with transport in own vehicles, 24 hours a day , at its head office or , if necessary , at the vessel herself, whether in port or on the roads.


Medical assistance available to insured and non insured patients:

  • Unimed
  • Eurocross Internacional (Holanda)
  • Brasil Assistência
  • Inter Partner Assistance
  • Worldwide Assistance
  • Hamburg-Sud Agência Marítima Ltda
  • Aliança Navegação e Logística Ltda
  • HSAC Logística Ltda
  • Porto Agenciamentos Marítimos e Operador Portuário Ltda
  • Oceanus Agência Marítima S.A.
  • Cargill Agrícola S.A.
  • Williams Serviços Marítimos Ltda
  • Brasil Assistance
  • Eurocross Belgium
  • Mondial Assistance
  • Mutaide Assistance
  • Apollo Ships Chandlers, Inc
  • Wilhelmsen Ships Service do Brasil LTDA.
  • Barwil Brasil Agencias Marítimas LTDA.
  • Agencia Maritima Orion LTDA.
  • Wilson Sons Agencia Marítima LTDA.
  • Nyk Line do Brasil LTDA.
  • ISS Marine Services LTDA.
  • Fertimport S.A.
  • Coris Brasil S.A. Turismo , Viagens e Assistência Internacional.
  • Europ Assistence Brasil Serviços de Assistência S.A.
  • Travel Guard Americas LLC.
  • Travel Ace Brasil
  • Rochamar Agência Marítima S.A.
  • See-Berufsgenossenschaft (Alemanha)
  • Medicina do Trabalho
  • Ship’s crew – Most of the emergency and ordinary medical

       assistance rendered to seamen are performed in our clinic

       (medical consultation, laboratorial tests, X-rays, small

       surgeries, dressings, Plaster of Paris immobilization, 12

       hours patient admission to observation and treatment).

       This makes our attendance quick and cheap taking into

       account that most of the times no hospitalization or  

       disembarkation is required avoiding also special


  • Parking Lot

  • Reception room

  • Two medical consultation rooms

  • Admission and observation of patients room

  • Small surgery room

  • Room to immobilization

  • Room for electrocardiography, electroencephalography and brain mapping

  • X-ray room

  • Room to material collection to pathological laboratorial tests

  • Room to physical therapy

  • Room for audiometric screening (hearing test)

  • Full-equipped laboratory for all medical tests

transportation of the patients.